A Brief Review on AUCOPO e-Bike Battery Collection

Time :  2019-04-29 16:43:41
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AUCOPO started developing and manufacturing e-bike batteries in 2006. After 13 years of R&D, AUCOPO has developed a comprehensive range of e-bike batteries, and has the capability of providing global service coverage.

By far, we have developed 7 models with our own patent under the brand YOKU. The power capacity covers a wide range from 316W to 672W, supporting a myriad of types of our clients' e-bikes all over the world.

Core Competences

AUCOPO has been producing li-ion battery cells since 2004. More than 14 years’ experience in the industry gives AUCOPO a strong technical understanding of li-ion battery cells & packs of performance, safety and reliability. Our edge is not only the level of quality control, but also our trouble shooting capability. The AUCOPO engineering team with more than 14 years industry experience are ready to support our customers with a wealth of knowledge and know how.

The Battery Cells and BMS
AUCOPO also uses Li ion cylindrical cells from Samsung and Panasonic for e-bike battery packs. The cells used for each battery pack are tightly matched, avoiding cell imbalance and guaranteeing the capacity of battery packs after long term usage.
AUCOPO has developed two kinds of BMS. The standard BMS offers full safety protection features of charge and discharge and cell balance. While the smart BMS adds the data log function, which enables the dealer to see the full end user history and provide after-sales service within the warranty terms.

The Battery Housing
AUCOPO E-bike battery Housings are designed by European designers. The creative battery design makes your e-bike more elegant.

AUCOPO battery housings are all water-proof and have optimized inner mechanical construction. All cells are connected by battery holder and pure nickel plate, which makes the battery packs more stable and resistant violent vibration. These important features ensure the reliability of AUCOPO battery packs.

The Sales Network and Service
To provide customers with excellent service. AUCOPO has E-Bike distributors in Netherlands, UK, Korea and main cities of China. AUCOPO has service centers for e-bike batteries in Germany, Netherlands and Czech Republic.

Idea Realization Capability

YOKU R&D team is capable to offer services for customized design e-bike battery from idea to industrialization through following procedures:
● ID Design ->Tooling Design -> Metal Stamping/Plastic Injection -> Painting/Cleaning -> Silk Screen
● BMS SMT Design -> Insertion -> Wave Soldering
● Component Design -> Battery Cell/BMS/connector
● Lab Testing -> In house test lab for all kinds of design validation test
● Final Assembly and Quality Control

Detail Control Ability

YOKU e-Bike Battery Quality Management System is achieved through the following 5 processes:
1) Supplier Quality Assessment: Sample test, First Article Inspection, Factory audit, Pilot run, Qualified suppliers assessment;
2) Incoming Inspection: Supplier lot outgoing data, Incoming lot audit, Material pretest, FIFO control;
3) Production Process Monitoring: Mixing, Coating, Pressing, Slitting, Assembly, Injection, Formation, Forming, Aging test, OCV Test, 100% X-ray inspection, Final Visual inspection, Packing;
4) Outgoing Inspection: Lot Sampling Inspection, Data check for each outgoing lot, Packaging Inspection, Inspection and scanning before Shipment;
5) Reliability & Safety Testing: Cycle test, Discharge Rate Test, High/Low Temperature Discharge Test, High Temperature Storage Test,
Humidity and Thermal Cycle Test, Over-charge and over-discharge Test, Short-circuit Test, Heating Test, Impact Test, Drop Test, Nail Penetration Test, Projectile Test.

Leading the Trend, Not Running After the Tide

As a leading brand in the global market of e-bike batteries, YOKU emphasizes not only on the performance of the products. As we've forged each model from scratch, we spare no detail concerning our e-bike batteries, including the art design of the case. Our product are designed by a group of prestigious designers from Europe, and they've conveyed their innovative ideas to our product. Thus we don't give up beauty while we hold practicability as the top priority.

Now let us take a review on 2 of our most favored models.

Invisible design down tube battery - eTube:

Energy Titan - Aston:

YOKU will constantly make every endeavor to bring more fancy models to its e-bike battery collection.

Keep an eye on us and you'll miss no wonderful moment with us.

And you're always expected to get in touch with us.

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