Aucopo Launches Pin Battery and Button Battery Series

Time :  2019-01-02 15:12:19

Aucopo recently developed a series of lithium pin batteries and lithium button batteries with different diameters, including 4.7mm pin batteries and 1254 button batteries, which are especially suitable for TWS blue tooth earphones.

Products Features:

• 3C fast Charging;
• Small diameter, light weight, especially suitable for TWS blue tooth earphones;
• High safety design, with explosion-proof valve design;
• Manufactured with full Automated production line, high reliability, high consistency, no leakage, no swelling;
• Ultra low self-discharging, good for long-term storage;
• Steel case package for easy installation and improving machine production efficiency.
Product applications:

The batteries are with small diameter, high energy density, especially suitable for all kinds of blue tooth products and IoT terminal devices.

Battery Model List


Battery Performance

1. ICR47230C1-25mAh: Charge & Discharge Characteristics
2. ICR47230C1-25mAh: Cycle Characteristics at 2C Charge - 0.5CDischarge

3. ICR47230C1-25mAh: Discharge Characteristics at Various Current
4. ICR47230C1-25mAh: Discharge Characteristics at Various Temperature


5. ICR47230C1-25mAh:Daily voltage drop

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