Frame Integrated Battery Solution

Time :  2020-03-23 09:18:33
eBike with frame integrated battery is the trend. To meet the demand of the market, many ebike battery suppliers start to provide tube integrated battery with bike tube. Since most ebike battery suppliers do not have sufficient knowledge of bike frames, bike designers have problems to make nice eframes for below reasons:
1. The tube integrated battery is a standard design for many frames, the design of the bike tube may not match with the design of the bike.
2. The bike tube quality is not under control as most battery manufactures do not know how to check the quality of the bike tube. The frame makers do not check the quality of the bike tube as the tubes are supplied from customers. 
3. To combine the battery integrated bike tube with frames, a lot of communication and work needed, and a lot of risks exist.
To better serve our customers, we work closely with the best ID designer and frame maker to provide the nice looking and high quality eframe solutions. 

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