The Application of High Discharge Rate 18650 Battery

Time :  2018-01-29 02:07:23
Most of the car jump starters apply high discharge rate polymer battery cells, which has lower safety performance and reliability. Most of polymer cells discharge at 40C-60C will generate heat, which may cause leakage, swelling or even thermal runaway. To find the high-quality high-rate batteries is a major difficulty in the industry.
AUCOPO’s high discharge rate 18650 cell will solved this problem. The rate capacity of the cell is 1300mah, can discharge continuously at 65C and charged at 5C, the cycle life is more than 3,000 times.
The application of this model is not limited to car jump starters. It’s also a good option for other applications which require high power output and safety performance, such as : AGV, electric forklift, medical equipment and so on.

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