We are a high-tech company dedicated to the development, production and marketing of lithium ion, lithium polymer and lithium iron phosphate batteries

The company has three major business segments: Li-ion and Li-Fe04 Cylindrical battery cells, Li-ion Polymer battery cells, Li-ion Battery Packing.

Company Profile

ZHANGZHOU AUCOPO ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO ,LTD is a high technology business specializing in the development, manufacture and supply of Lithium ion polymer batteries, Lithium ion cylindrical batteries (including LiFePO4 batteries) and Li ion battery packs The company was founded in 2004 ,and production facilities are located in Nanjing high-tech industrial zone, Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, China Registered Capital of the company is 150M RMB(about 21.5M USD), and accumulative total capital investment currently exceeds 700 million RMB The company employs more than 500 staff throughout 100,000 square meters of manufacturing facilities Monthly production capacity of these facilities exceeds 5 million lithium cylindrical batteries and 6 million Lithium ion Polymer batteries

Product design and manufacture is focused on high quality and reliability. The ISO9001 QA system was introduced in 2004. Our management systems for R&D, manufacturing and services have been developed and are maintained to meet, GBT19001. This ensures that all processes are robust and allow us to produce safe, high quality and reliable products for our customers. QC certifications include: ISO9001 and ISO14001.
Our products are environmentally friendly and safe. All products are manufactured to meet or exceed international environmental and safety standards, including: UL, IEC-CB, KC, PSE etc. We also comply with the latest international RoHS and REACH standards. Our lithium ion cylindrical batteries are widely used in various portable devices, as well as high current applications such as e-cigarettes, e-bikes, hover boards, e-motorcycles, power tools, UPS and other energy storage products. The applications for our lithium ion polymer batteries are as broad as the electronics industry itself, with current adoption in a wide range of product sectors, eg: tablet computers, mobile phones, blue-tooth devices, R/C planes, drones, AGV, medical devices and military equipment.
The company has invested world-class R&D capabilities, advanced automated production equipment and holds a number of domestic and international patents, which gives us a leading position in many areas in the industry. We are capable of providing rapid design-to-prototype services for not only standard battery products, but also various special physical structure or special performance battery products.
We have developed LiNCM batteries with more than 9000 cycles, and LiFePO4 batteries with more than 20,000 cycles. The 90C high discharge rate batteries we produce, have the advantage of extremely low internal resistance and include a high voltage platform. We have also developed a fast charging technology, as well as high and low temperature charging technologies. Our history of focusing resources on product safety, reliability, and consistency has helped to make us an industry leader in this area.
In order to provide a “one-stop” service to our customers, we have established a battery pack design, production and services division. We have extensive design and mass production experience for a variety of lithium ion battery packs with voltages below 100V. Pack development is supported by our experienced, independent PCM, BMS and mechanical design teams. Mass production systems include automated spot welding, laser welding, charging and discharging, laser engraving and other production and testing systems, including QA traceability.
The company has been developing domestic and international markets for many years. Our sales network covers not only the mainland of China, but also North America, Europe, South and East Asia, etc.