Time :  2019-08-17 11:07:40
AUCOPO is pleased to expand our product line of 1254 LITHIUM ION BUTTON CELL. Customers can visit our website to request samples to determine how our battery will help power their application. AUCOPO will apply its technical expertise and superior technology derived from many years of material and production technology development, to further expand the line‐up of this new product.
The full‐scale introduction of wearable device products, anticipated widely as the next wave in mobile devices after smartphones, is expected to affect a wide variety of applications. 
Rechargeable Batteries, the power source for wearable devices, will be small and light as well as feature a high level of reliability and performance. 
AUCOPO has leveraged its engineering expertise to produce the 1254 LITHIUM ION BUTTON CELL. An exterior stainless steel can provide dimensional stability. This design is suitable for slim devices such as pen‐shaped or spherical shaped products.  
AUCOPO is happy to announce the mass production of 1254 LITHIUM ION BUTTON CELL with a diameter of 12.3mm and a weight of 1.0g (without tabs). This new Battery is suitable for powering small applications such as wearable devices. This product, in addition to being a small and slim cylindrical shaped Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery, features high reliability and rapid charging. 
Specific Applications Include:
Hearing Aids and Measuring Devices
Smart Drug Delivery System Such as Insulin Pen, Smart Inhaler
Wearable Devices
Electronic Pens
Wireless Earbuds
Tracking and Security Devices
Specialty Eyewear
Specific Features Include: 
Rapid Charging
Metallic Can Which Prevents Battery Swelling
A button-shaped, 12.3mm Diameter Lithium Ion Battery

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